Screening Process

Eligibility to work

Our HR’s are trained to screen the candidates who are legal and eligible to work in Canada. We do collect copy of SIN and 2 government issued photo ID’s and attach to their application from.

Physical Conditions

All the candidates are screened on the basis of their physical capabilities such as ability to lift certain weight or any allergies before sending to work.

GMP, WHIMS, Health & Safety

All the employees are provided with GMP, WHIMS, Health & Safety handout material to read.

Worker health & safety awareness certificate

All of our employees have to get health & safety certificate online before they file the application

WHIMS info video

We educate all the workers about workplace hazardous materials information by showing the WHIMS video.


Our application form gathers all the information from the candidates that give us insight of their experience and interest. We receive consent from the workers to disclose their information and contact their references.

Health & Safety, WHIMS & other tests

All the workers are tested for GMP, WHIMS, Health & Safety and Mathematics.

Dexterity test

Workers go through the dexterity test that measures capacity for simple but rapid hand-eye coordination for more efficiency in work.

Reference Check

Since past performance is often the best indicator of future performance, we talk to past supervisors in order to determine if the applicant being considered is suited for the role.

Right placement for the right job

Each and every candidate or company we work with is treated as an individual, and we ensure that the right candidate is matched with the right job.